Web Design
starting at just €950

Your brand needs a website! Not so sure? Studies by the eCommerce Foundation show that 88% of consumers research a purchase online before buying online or shopping in-store. Woah! Just think about all the potential customers you are missing out on by not having a website…

…ok, enough of that! Let’s fix your problem, quickly, effectively, and beautifully.

starter package:

This package is for you if you already have your logo/branding, text, and images and are now in need of a website.

If you already have your text but need images or vice versa, or would like some branding/strategy help, etc. you may wish to add some upgrades to this package. They are listed below. Simply include the upgrades you are interested in when sending your booking email :)

The starter package includes:

  • Custom website using Squarespace* (a modern website builder) that is SSL certified and responsive (ie. desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly).

  • One homepage including: ‘Calls to Action’, product/service info, and contact information, as well as, ‘Imprint’, ‘Legal’, and ‘Privacy Policy’ sections. Text and images provided by you.

*Requires a (at least) 1-year subscription to Squarespace, purchased separately. Don’t worry though, I will help you find the plan that is best for your needs :)

Cost: €950
Timeline: 2 weeks




Depending on your budget and needs, you may wish to add some or all of the following to the basic starter package:

  • Additional pages

  • Mini Branding (logo, colors, fonts, photography style)

  • Strategy implementation (ie. guiding your viewer through your site to a specific action: send a message, buy a product, read an article, etc.)

  • Pinterest Strategy (optimising your site for Pinterest and a free course containing 5 powerful tactics that more than doubled my Pinterest impressions, from 41k to over 112k in less than one month)

  • SEO (search engine optimisation, aka. rank higher on Google/bring more traffic to your site)

  • Photography (stock or custom)

  • Copy writing (excluding text for the Imprint, Legal page, and Privacy Policy)

Cost and timeline: Dependent on how many and which extras you would like to add.

Click the button below, or write me here <click> with your timeline, budget, and required extras and I will work with you to make your dream website a reality!


If you would prefer to use another website builder such as WIX, or Wordpress+theme, let me know! I have experience using these programs as well and will be happy to work within your needs to create a beautiful website you love :)