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Web Design
€ 800 & up

This package includes:

  • Custom website using Squarespace** (a modern website builder)
    SSL certified and responsive (ie. desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly)

  • Pages: Homepage, Imprint*, Legal*, Privacy Policy*

Possible Extras (depending on your budget, this package may include some or all of the following):

  • Additional pages

  • Mini Branding (logo, colors, fonts, photography style)

  • Strategy implementation (ie. guiding your viewer through your site to a specific action: send a message, buy a product, read an article, etc.)

  • SEO (aka. search engine optimisation, aka. rank higher on Google/bring more traffic to your site)

  • Photography (stock or custom)

  • Copy writing (excluding text for the Imprint, Legal page, and Privacy Policy)

*Text for pages with an asterisk need to be provided by the client.
**This package requires a (at least) 1-year subscription to Squarespace, purchased separately. Don’t worry thought, I will help you find the plan that is best for your needs :)

If you would prefer to use another website builder such as WIX, or Wordpress+theme, please let me know! I have experience using these programs as well and will be happy to work within your needs to create a beautiful website you love :)

Average timing: Depends on size of desired website (ie. number of pages, desired extras, etc.) but roughly 1 week for a one page site and up to 2 months for the complete package (6+ pages, and all the extras)


branding pic.jpg

Branding Package
€ 1.595

Package includes:

  • Logo Design (Moodboard, 3 initial logo design options, 2 rounds of feedback/changes, 1 final logo)

  • Typography Selection + Heirarchy

  • Custom Color Palette

  • Custom Pattern or Texture

  • up to 3 brand icons (if needed)

  • business card design

  • 1 collateral piece of your choice (for example: social media profile graphics, flyer/poster, menu design, etc)

  • style guide PDF booklet containing color codes, font names, etc

Average timing: 5-6 weeks

+ Add a Squarespace site starting at €800



Other Services Include:


Custom illustrations and collages. Digital or print. Prices vary depending on project and timeline.


Offerings include: business cards, sticker design, social media graphic templates, and more! Prices vary depending on project and timeline.