Sea Legs

How to Catch a Wave cartoon by Sea Legs.

As a passion project, I draw a surf cartoon called Sea Legs. Fin and his friends were born the day I saw Thomas Campbell’s movie ‘The Seedling’. In one scene, the camera follows a surfer walking with his board under his arm and, to me, the shadows that were created looked like the surfboard had legs and was walking itself. My brain found that amusing and I immediately started drawing surfboards with legs. Fin became a fish pretty quickly as that is my favorite type of surfboard.

As of October, Sea Legs products are now available for purchase via Redbubble, and prints are available via the Sea Legs website; which I also built and designed using Squarespace (a service I would love to provide for you! Need a website? Write me here :) and let’s get started).

If you would like to support Sea Legs (and, in return, get some cool behind-the-scenes looks, patron-only cartoons, and discounts to the Sea Legs shop) please check out my Patreon page here! I love inspiring and amusing readers with my cartoon and look forward to growing the brand as much as possible.