Joumana Dance Show



Since 2005, Katerina Joumana has devoted her career full-time to the art of oriental/middle eastern dance both as a solo performer and as the creator, artistic director, choreographer, and costume designer of her company, Joumana Dance show.

Katerina came to me for help designing her new company website. She had hundreds of photos, videos, testimonials, and pieces of information she wanted to display and communicate to her audience, but didn't know how to organize it all in a cohesive and visually appealing site. 

We broke everything down into categories and worked out a clear path of discovery to guide interested customers through her site to the booking form. The resulting website is a pleasure to peruse and a beautiful showcase of Katerina and her dance show's many talents and amazing offerings. 

Saying many many thanks to Claire; she is a true professional in all senses. I had a specific request concerning my website and she did so much more than I expected. Most importantly, Claire helped me organize my thoughts and ideas in a very clear way! She came up with solutions I had been searching for, for years, and realized them in a very functional and beautiful design that serves my business 100%.
— Katerina Joumana. Owner of Joumana Dance Show
Website for Joumana Dance Show by Claire Designs.