Elektro Nenning


Website Redesign


When the Nennings first contacted me, they already had a website. However, it was out-of-date (no SSL certificate, not responsive, etc.) and in need of a page refresh ;) In only a few weeks, they had a totally new certified, responsive site that included: photos taken on location, text in both German and English, icons created just for them, and the organisation of all information into a well thought-out flow that guides the customer to the desired action of getting in touch.

As no rebranding was desired, I made sure to stick with their color scheme and tone when retouching the images, designing icons, creating buttons, and so forth. Help writing the text in German, and translation into English, was also provided. The Nennings already had a new customer contact through the site before the project was even complete! The power of clear communication at work, again :)


Old Design:

Before the re-design
One page static design, only the text changed.
Claire hat uns in kurzer Zeit eine zeitgemäße und repräsentative Webseite erstellt. Sie ist super geworden! Vielen Dank.
— Christa Nenning of Elektro Nenning

Although located in Vienna, Austria, Elektro Nenning has many English speaking customers. Therefore, the site needed to be usable in both German and English. This is a very easy service to provide when using the Squarespace platform and one of the many reasons I use Squarespace to build all of my websites. If you are in need of a multi-language site, look no further than Claire Designs!

New Design: